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Lumina brings in transaction data from wallets, exchanges, and institutional-grade custody solutions to help you construct the full history of your digital asset investments.
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Crypto-Native Accounting
Future-proof your accounting system
At the core of Lumina, there’s a modern accounting system with native support for digital assets. Lumina has everything you expect from an enterprise-grade accounting solution, including a full general ledger and chart of accounts, in conjunction with support for all digital asset symbols and crypto-native concepts like forks, airdrops, mining, and staking.
Transaction Types
    Buy cryptocurrency via fiat or cryptocurrency
    Sell cryptocurrency for fiat
    Transfer cryptocurrency between wallets you own
    Transfer In
    Transfer cryptocurrency in to start being tracked
    Transfer Out
    Transfer cryptocurrency out that does not need to be tracked
    Paid for service using cryptocurrency
    Earned cryptocurrency for completing a service
    Receive cryptocurrency at no cost due to airdrop
    Receive cryptocurrency due to blockchain fork
    Receive cryptocurrency from mining activity
    Receive Gift
    Receive cryptocurrency as gift in exchange for nothing
    Send Gift
    Send cryptocurrency as gift in exchange for nothing
    Lost cryptocurrency due to unauthorized activity
    Deposit fiat
    Withdraw fiat
Managed Tax Lots
Manage tax lots in real time
All reconciled transactions within Lumina open and close respective tax lots in real time. See exactly how transactions relate to each other via the associating tax lots. Lumina maintains a very accurate account of each position’s open lots and the cost basis.
Reconciliation Options
Configure reconciliation to your liking
There’s a great deal of granular reconciliation configuration options within each portfolio, including how to treat trade or blockchain transaction fees, when end of day is set to, and where to retrieve the suitable pricing data.
Reports & Auto-Generated Tax Forms
Collaborate with accountants & auditors
Lumina auto-reconciles transactions across connected crypto trading venues and blockchains wallets, converting the data into traditional accounting reports needed for audits, compliance, and tax filings. Invite your accountant and auditor in for easy access to data at every stage of the reconciliation process.
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When selecting a software provider, it’s important to not only pick the best product, but also pick the best team. There’s constant innovation in the world of blockchain and digital assets. The team at Lumina is battle-proven and can ensure you always have the competitive edge.
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Lumina’s concierge service helps fund managers, administrators, accountants, auditors, investment advisors from traditional finance onboard to this new asset class. Let us empower you to become a digital asset thought leader in your respective network and grow your business.
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©2019 Lumina Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.