Order & Execution Management
Trade with true control.
Lumina enables institutions to both plan and execute trades — leveraging industry-leading order management and smart order routing technology to execute trades across multiple exchange accounts in a single interface.
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Integrated Order Management
Effortlessly organize, delegate, and execute trades
Lumina’s order management system is deeply integrated with Lumina’s portfolio offerings, streamlining everyday trade operations in familiar experiences. Generate lists of parent orders in an interactive blotter. Gradually execute batches of parent orders with pre-programmed algorithms. View interactive transaction cost analysis reports post trade.
Smart Trading Strategies
Trade more with less
Lumina’s trading algorithms minimize market impact while limiting market risk through smart order routing and proprietary statistical models that opportunistically adapt to live market conditions. For those who prefer to use existing EMS solutions, Lumina also offers trade execution integrations so you can bring your own algorithms.
Trade With True Control
Bring your own exchange keys
Connect your trading accounts from popular exchanges to Lumina and trade with true control. Access liquidity and smart order routing technology to achieve better execution without a need to part ways with your funds.
Featured Algorithm
Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP)
Schedule-driven strategy that seeks to minimize market impact by slicing an order into evenly-sized child orders and executing these orders at regularly spaced intervals, ensuring order completion by end of the trade horizon.
Smart Routing
Intelligently select best exchange for executing individual transactions based on live market / exchange indicators.
For each child order, further subdivision within and interleaving across exchanges to minimize impact and ensure best price, with randomness injected into order submissions to avoid predatory trading.
Pegging / Layering
Dynamic submission / cancellation of multiple limit orders to capitalize on favorable market movements / protect against adverse movements.
Iceberg Orders
Orders will be submitted as Iceberg orders where available; synthetic Icebergs where not.
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Lumina’s concierge service helps fund managers, administrators, accountants, auditors, investment advisors from traditional finance onboard to this new asset class. Let us empower you to become a digital asset thought leader in your respective network and grow your business.
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