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Lumina Trade Execution
Lumina offers a suite of services and software for optimized order execution. By pooling market data and liquidity across multiple venues, Lumina enables single-source price discovery while our adaptive algorithms and proprietary machine learning models can be tailored to any client need to minimize price impact while limiting market risk.
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Trade More with Less
More liquidity, smarter trading strategies, and better execution translates to more savings to you: our client.
Compliant Liquidity
Tap into the maximum amount of compliant liquidity by leveraging our single, worldwide order book — powered by trusted exchanges, over-the-counter venues, and mining facilities.
Smart Trading Strategies
Lumina’s trading algorithms minimize market impact while limiting market risk through intelligent order routing and proprietary statistical models that opportunistically adapt to live market conditions.
Better Execution Infrastructure
Our platform emphasizes speed and reliability supported by rigorous, real-world testing.
Single KYC Process
Start trading digital assets sooner by avoiding redundant, time-consuming KYC processes across exchanges. Sign up with Lumina once to begin trading across our trusted exchange partners.
White-Glove Service
Entrust Lumina to select the right trading strategy based on your unique needs and trading goals. We’ll deliver the tokens and/or fiat per your specifications to your wallet when we’re done.
Lumina Portfolio Management
Trades feed back into Lumina Portfolio Management in real-time to streamline your crypto operation and give you full control.
Example Trade Execution Algorithm
Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP)
Schedule-driven strategy that seeks to minimize market impact by slicing an order into evenly-sized child orders and executing these orders at regularly spaced intervals, ensuring order completion by end of the trade horizon.
Lumina offers a number of tactical enhancements to minimize market impact and limit market risk:
Smart Routing
Intelligently select best exchange for executing individual transactions based on live market / exchange indicators.
For each child order, further subdivision within and interleaving across exchanges to minimize impact and ensure best price, with randomness injected into order submissions to avoid predatory trading.
Pegging / Layering
Dynamic submission / cancellation of multiple limit orders to capitalize on favorable market movements / protect against adverse movements.
Iceberg Orders
Orders will be submitted as Iceberg orders where available; synthetic Icebergs where not.
Upgrade your portfolio management platform
Introduce a clean and robust interface to your digital assets portfolio. Focus less on administration and more on your investment decisions.
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