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Support clients top-to-bottom from audit to tax.
Lumina represents a shared interface between client and accounting firm, helping streamline the process of verifying portfolio data. Our crypto-native accounting system supports a number of costing methods and dynamically tracks cost basis, tax lots, and capital gains — allowing you to move off of Excel and into a system that can scale alongside both you and your client.
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Comprehensive Platform
We play nice with existing service providers
Lumina supports dozens upon dozens of top brands and all transaction types under the sun. From margin trading on Bitfinex to options on Deribit, Lumina has you covered.
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Streamlined Reconciliation
Transaction reconciliation made easy
Lumina automatically reconciles all exchange trades in addition to transfers between exchanges, wallets, and custody solutions. For trades done offline or at OTC venues, Lumina aggregates unreconciled activity in a way that makes it super simple to reconcile.
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Managed Tax Lots
Manage tax lots in real time
All reconciled transactions within Lumina open and close respective tax lots in real time. See exactly how transactions relate to each other via the associating tax lots. Lumina maintains a very accurate account of each position’s open lots and the cost basis.
Client Value Add
Proudly offer modern portfolio management
Lumina not only is useful for your firm, speeding up tedious internal workflows, it can also be used by your clients as their comprehensive portfolio management solution. Bundle Lumina portfolio management as part of your offering, delight your client base, and cultivate loyalty.
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Lumina’s concierge service helps fund managers, administrators, accountants, auditors, investment advisors from traditional finance onboard to this new asset class. Let us empower you to become a digital asset thought leader in your respective network and grow your business.
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©2019 Lumina Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.