Investment Advisors
Deliver better insights to your clients.
Lumina provides investment advisors unprecedented visibility into client portfolio data, allowing you to focus your efforts towards helping your clients succeed. Seamlessly manage multiple client portfolios from a single interface and provide your clients access to a best-in-class portfolio management experience.
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Easy Client Onboarding
Onboard your clients with ease
Lumina’s onboarding flow and first run experience is not only comprehensive but also extremely simple to use. Provisioning a new account takes a matter of seconds.
True Visibility
Operate with true visibility
Gain unprecedented visibility into client digital asset portfolio data. Produce a wide array of comprehensive reports per portfolio. Filter by transaction type, asset, account, and key dates to narrow down the scope of each report. Generate what you need on-demand.
Client Value Add
Proudly offer modern portfolio management
Lumina not only is useful for your firm, speeding up tedious internal workflows, it can also be used by your clients as their comprehensive portfolio management solution. Bundle Lumina portfolio management as part of your offering, delight your client base, and cultivate loyalty.
Client Value Add
Built For Multi-Tenancy
Lumina was built with enterprise-grade multi-tenancy with roles & permissions baked-in from day one. Easily hop between your client accounts with a few clicks. Manage access to each organization and portfolio.
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When selecting a software provider, it’s important to not only pick the best product, but also pick the best team. There’s constant innovation in the world of blockchain and digital assets. The team at Lumina is battle-proven and can ensure you always have the competitive edge.
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Lumina’s concierge service helps fund managers, administrators, accountants, auditors, investment advisors from traditional finance onboard to this new asset class. Let us empower you to become a digital asset thought leader in your respective network and grow your business.
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©2019 Lumina Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.